Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nestor gets pranked

This is an concept art of that comic I was working on titled “A Prank to Far”

The smaller character in this next to Mayum the gorilla is a baboon name Brandon who’s sort of like the trouble making clown of the jungle and loves to pull practical jokes.

The plot
The plot of this story is that Brandon was pulling a prank but Nestor stopped him so now Brandon targets him for some pranks for revenge.

Later that day Nestor and Mayum got into a bit of an argument end in Nestor in insulting Mayum this was the perfect opportunity for Brandon plans and he talks Mayum into assisting him in pranking Nestor, agents his better judgment he agree to help unaware of Brandon revenge.

So basically though out the days Brandon and Mayum fallows Nestor everywhere pulling pranks on everyone Nestor is with and the victims blames him for it.

This Scene
In this pic Nestor got pelted with mangos by some female orangutans as a result of one of Brandon’s pranks. After he got away he went over to a near by pound to wash off, not knowing that Brandon and Mayum Were there and they took his clothes.

Nestor soon finds that his clothes are gone and gets mad after realizing it was Brandon, now he has to go home without being seen.

Brandon and Mayum are hiding behind a tree and some bushes watching the whole scene, Brandon was trying so hard not to laugh out load and Mayum was at all pleased with this prank but couldn’t resist laughing.

I decided to post all three parts of the art from sketch to finish.

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