Monday, October 31, 2011

Ghast Movie Poster 1 and 2

This is a prototype poster for my female monster character Ghast.

If She ever gets a movie this poster would be remade in CG. Yes the poster is scary, the them of the movie is animation family horror film much like Monster House.

The picture is done in Artrage and then taken over to Flash, it doesn’t have much in choices of text so just have to make do with what I got at my disposal. You know those movie motion posters that change when you move it will that’s what this was going to be.

That’s why there’s two posters here. It starts with her just staring at you be when you move you see her mouth opening up reveling her the with venom ready to bit you and give you nightmares so she can feed on it.

And buy the way the Ghast website is fake it’s just an add on like all the other movie posters you see today and yes if this film ever gets made it will be released on Halloween.

Ghast Shadowlark © Kim C. Jones