Monday, June 29, 2009

Relic Comic: A Leak in the Park

Relic was just minding his own business when he notice a tree, You can pretty much guess what he is thinking of doing.

Unfortunately for him he was being watched.

  • Comic Layout board
  • 2H pencil
  • Pigma Micron Pen: Brush
  • Pigma Micron Pen: 05 and 005
  • Erasers
  • Scaner
  • Artrage
  • Flash( for Text)

Relic and Liz © Kim C. Jones

Monday, June 22, 2009

Comic strip: Zoogtag

Zaltag falls victim to Zoogtag.Zoog tag is just like how we play tag, The different with Zoog's is there version of tag is a lot more physical, in order for a Zoog to tag another Zoog is to pounce on them.
The character that tag Zaltag is named Mark he a Zoog as well. I'm going to be re doing this strip latter on.

Zaltag and Mark © 2008 Kim C. Jones All Rights Reserved.

Relic Run: PrismaColor Markers experiment

This one was an shading experiment with PrismaColor Markers and it turned out pretty well.
I chose to use this technique on my monster character Relic cause he has such a neat color of grey and black and I wanted to see how I can handle shading with those colors.

Relic © Kim C. Jones

Zoog Houes Concept art

This is a design concept for Zaltags house.

A Zoog house is not like our, form this drawing you can see that Zoogs house are made up of trees, stone, grass and dirt. It's actually looks like a big hill with trees and roots growing out of it.

There environment is made up of earth elements so many house and building look like this one but in different shape and size.

Sketch work

Color work

Design © 2008 Kim C. Jones All Rights Reserved.