Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mortimer Mouse

He my favorite villain of the Mickey mouse character but to be honest I don’t really see him as that much of a villains except that one cartoon were her framed Mickey for stealing. I never got around to drawing him until now. And I’ve not just drawn one but many version of him from left to right;

Mr. Slicker- Mickey Mouse Dailies 1930

Mortimer- Mickey's Rival 1936

Montmorency (Monty) Rodent-Mickey comics 1941

Mortimer Mouse-Mickey Mouse Works 1999

Mortimer Mouse-Mickey Mouse Works Episode "Mickey and the Goatman"2000

Mortimer Mouse- House of Mouse 2001

Little Trivia
Walt was originally going to name Mickey, Mortimer, but his wife insisted on a new name. Mortimer also appeared in many Mickey Mouse comic in different regions but under another name Montmorency Rodent but the name didn't stick so he got his name Mortimer back and in animated series Mickey Mouse Works and House of Mouse, Mortimer got his catchphrase, "Ha-cha-cha!"

Their’s more trivia but this is all I'll give you.

My Thoughts
Personally I love the House of Mouse version of Mortimer so much better his buck teeth and hat are removed and I believe he still has his tail it's probably tucked it in his pants like Mickey dose so I just drawn him a tail cause he looked good with it, pulse when ever he isn't tiring to put the move on Minnie, he's tiring to flirt with ever woman in the club with funny result he even tried to hit on Daisy Duck in the first episode!

This is a character who deserve a stronger role and I’d weird that there’s isn't much fanart or fanfics of him he's a pretty cool character. Sure he's a jerk but that's what I like about him it's like he's the opposite of Mickey.

Their is so much thing Disney can do with this guy but they are really neglecting him.

He can be Mickey allie which was shown in House of Mouse Episode "Mickey and the Culture Clash" even if it's so he can trick both Mickey a Minnie, plus their was an episode of Mickey's Mouse Works "Mickey Mix up" Mickey faxing Minnie a love letter but it went to Mortimer instead and he becomes friendly to Mickey only to be a jerk again when Mickey told him the fax was a mistake. LOL. But it's episode like these that makes you think of that what if scenario.

My what if scenario.
He may be a secondary rival to Mickey but stop and think about this one thought I have, what if he became a good guy and quite being a villain, how would the other villains of Mickey Mouse would take it? And more importantly how would Mickey take it? Seeing as how he never liked him to start with? That has been running in my head for a long time now of course in this idea I would have The Phantom Blot(not the Shadow Blot for Epic) and Pete uses Mortimer needs to be a good guy against him and to get Mickey.

Pairing and other thoughts on Mortimer
Mortimer can be paired with someone like Clarabelle Cow since their are three episodes of House of Mouse that shows their can be a relationship between them. I also thought of creating a Disney character to pair up with him.

I also wonder what he dose in he's spare time when he's not flirting with ladies and teasing Mickey or what would happen if he dog sits Pluto, heck he can have his own cartoon short.

Also I notice that he can just as well be a character for Kingdom Harts like a character who can be in-between good and evil or in this case the light and darkness.

I'm just so tempted to experiment with this character to see what I can do with him. Every one ells should too. this is a Disney toon who deserves attention.

Wow I really did allot of thought into this and you know I like it:)

Art © Kim C. Jones
Mortimer Mouse © Disney

Drawing Footage: Slasher Bat's Head Rough Drawing

A video footage of me doing a rough of my bat character Slasher.
At first I was going to draw the wing but decided not to.

Tools used;
Graph gear 500 Mechanical pencils with blue lead
Alvin Draft/Tec Retrac Mechanical Pencil 0.7mm/blue barrel with HB lead
Sketch Book

Slasher Bat © Kim C. Jones

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Zaltag Animation 4 of 4

The last test, this one is dealing with Zaltags expressions and the transition from one face pose to the other.

I use a Mirror to look at my expression then draw it on Zaltag and exaggerate on some of them. Then I animate them. There are 20 different expressions I done on this there was more but I cut it down to 20.

This one took two weeks to do.
195 frame used to extending the pictures so you can see each of the expressions.
140 frame for the animation of the face changes from one expression to the other.

In total that 335 frames used.

Zaltag © Kim C. Jones

Zaltag Animation 3 of 4

Two of four animations of Zaltag doing a series of movements. I this one show the animation of him hopping in stick from to rough animation to clean up and then to color.

The hop took 9 frames and 5 hours to animation and then I extend it to 40 frames so he can hop longer.

Zaltag © Kim C. Jones