Saturday, July 1, 2017

You hired a human?!

"You hired a human?!" Coach Cadaver shouted to Headmistress Crone as he held Max by the shirt suspending him off the ground. Max just hangs there scared by the enraged monster.

About the Art
This is actually a concept idea I had about an origin story of how Max got the job at Gravedale High. The TV show never showed us how this happened, the first episode briefly mention how he took over job of teaching some misfit kids but that's it.

So if the show Gravedale High (also known as Rick Moranis in Gravedale High) was brought back, the origin story would work as a movie not a direct to DVD or TV movie, a real full length animated movie.

The Story would of course be about how Max got the job but there would be more to it like; the monsters don't like him because he's a human due to history of human vs. monsters. The students he teaches would rebel and give him a hard time but through the course of the movie they get to know him due to his easygoing demeanor and teaching methods they learn to respect him as a teacher and as a friend but the other monsters and faculty (With the exception of Headmistress Crone and Miss Dirge) don't want him at their school and wants him gone and Coach Cadaver who hates humans leads them into getting rid of Max.

There's also a B plot with the humans of Midtown agents Max teaching at the monster school not sure if it's needed or not but it kind of give Max more conflict to deal with.

Artist Note
much like what I did with "Rough Day"artwork( I did that same thing here.

Max and the Coach was a challenge to draw due to them not being animals but thank goodness I found there model sheets and youtube so I had something to work with.

The background was done in watercolor it took the longest to do cause of layering the grays and making sure it looks like a background for a cartoon.

I always wanted to do a Gravedale High fanart, and yes I saw the cartoon as a kid and loved it unfortunately it only had 13 episodes.

DA don'ts have a category for "Traditional/Digital" together they’re separated so until then I have to list this as digital since I did use a digital media to put everything together and color the characters.

Staedtler Mars Technico Leadholder: Red Lead and HB lead
Drawing Fountain pen
Winsor & Newton water colors
Watercolor paper
Cannon scanner
Manga studios 5 for Character coloring, shading, and adding background

Art © Kim C. Jones / Max & Coach Cadaver © Hanna-Barbera