Sunday, May 16, 2010

Slasher Sketch and The Awesome Slasher Bat pictures

While I was at Magacon I couldn't help but draw something in my sketch book.
bellow is called "Slasher Sketch"

I did this drawing while I was at Megacon I need to rest my legs from all that walking around so I sit down somewhere and did this pic.

Slasher © Kim C. Jones

The next pic is called "The Awesome Slasher Bat" This drawing of my bat Slasher was done by Richard Gaine at Megacon which is real cool. I did a drawing for him tooz I drawn one of his bat character Zap from his comic book "Belfry Boys" I got my copise at the convetion, he also has the two issues for sale online.

Art © Richard Gaine
Slasher Bat © Kim C. Jones

"Belfry Boys" Comic

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