Friday, November 18, 2016

Louis vs. Fears

About this pic.
My favorite character are all four of the Ghostbusters but if you were to ask me who my favorite secondary character is I would say Louis Tully. He pretty funny, interesting, adorkable and that fact that he was played by Rick Moraines is a plus!

I was happy to see him in season five of The Real Ghostbusters after the second movie but he was under used in the cartoon outside of four episodes he would make a good Ghostbusters had they flushed him out more.

Then this idea came to me.

The Ghostbusters are training Louis to be a full on Ghostbusters like Janine but his time on the field with them was lese then good. And at the same time there’s a ghost going around New York bring everyone fears to life with orbs and feeds on them, the Ghostbusters are called to stop him but get beat at every turn they soon recruits Janine to help. 

The ghost get annoyed by the Ghostbusters interference and plot to get rid of them. So they lore them all 6 busters in to an abandon subway. separating all of them and unleashing the orbs to exposes there fears.

Louis and Slimer are left to travel deeper into the subway to catch the ghost but gets ambushed and trapped them in complete darkness and used the orbs unleashing there fears. Louis must face all of his fears like ghosts as scene here, his other fears are; The Ghostbusters turning on him, or them getting kill by the ghost. 

He manages to fight it off but then he come face to face with his most greatest fear which will come in the next pic.

Art notes
Since TRGB has no character model sheet outside of a size chart on online I had to watch all the episodes Louis was in in order to draw him and it work out well, but let me just say drawing the proton gun was hard I'm not use to drawing weapons.
The ghost are the easiest things to draw here.

Tools used;Strathmore Bristol board
Canson Fanboy Artist Trading Cards
Alvin Draft/Tec Retrac Mechanical Pencil 0.7mm/blue barrel with Red lead
Prisma color Pencils: Blue
VuPointSolution Magic Wand Scanner
Bamboo Tablt
Manga Studios Debut 5

Art and Idea © Kim C. Jones
Characters ©Sony

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