Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wreck-it Wreck it Ralph

I haven't been posting here as much I was busy with my job and all but I still have time to do some fanart of Wreck it Ralph.

here some works

This takes place after Ralph and Felix gets back to there game in time after the events in the movie.

After the arcade close Felix see the Nicelanders mad at Ralph for “Going turbo” Felix didn’t like what was going on, once Ralph leaves to the dump Felix confronts them about the way they’ve been treating Ralph and soon he and Gene get into a big argument, angry Felix leave them in a huff heading to the dump leaving the Nicelanders dumfounded.

Felix manages to catch up to Ralph and make and apology for not standing up for him as much as he should at the party and for letting the Nicelanders treat him so badly for so many years.

Ralph accept Felix’s apology and Felix give him his medal saying that he earned it cause he’s a real hero.

Felix starts to get very tired after such a adventure but he doesn’t want to go back to the apartment and face the Nicelanders again not after the argument he had with them, so Ralph offers him to spend the night with him and Felix gladly excepts. Ralph even tucked him in with bricks.

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