Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I have been waiting and saving up the money to go to Megacon I now I got too go.
For thoses who don't know Megacon is a convention featureing science fiction/fantasy, anime, gaming, toys, multi-media events and artist.

Day 1 Friday
The first day was kind of hectic with finding a parking cause of how full it was it had to park in a another convention spot and walk all the way over plus there was a rain shower. but I got there alright.

Upon entering the building I see some people dress in costumes they were pretty cool. but when I enter the entrains way I got the shock of my life. They had the Ecto 1 from GhostBusters sitting right their in all it's glory so as a GB Fan I be and idiot not to take photos of it along with some other GB stuff there.

I walked around for a bit look at some of the cool things they have I went over to the Art Institute booth and try out this Wacom Cintiq.

After my little walk I head over to Art Alley to find Richard Gaine we got to see each other and chat he ever did a pic of Slasher for me and I'm going to be draw a pic of one of his bat character Zap and hand it to him the next day I also buy his two comics and one form his friend Justin ( ) who he recommended me to see. they both share a booth.

This was a good first day.

Day 2 Saturday
I went back to magacon it was more crowded then Friday, I saw some more people in costumes some were good some weren’t as good, I when over to art alley for a bit then when all over the con hitting the comic books booths.

I got lucky that day over at the coliseum of comics booth there were giving away four comics for free so I pick up some then I went over to another booth and got a comic for only 25 cents it was a old comic from back in the days but it was still good I then strolled over to a both were they were sailing some old toys and figure for a dollar each I got two toys for two dollars and near the end of the day I went to one more comic both and found the new comic book of Casper that was released last year I got it for only one dollars.

After my little shopping and costume photo safari I meet up with Richard Gaine again and gave the pic of Zap to him and we left to meet up with other artists and eat at a restaurant and chat for a while it was a perfect end to a great day.

Day 3 Sunday
The last day of Megacon. Surprisingly the traffic going up was light. The convention room was like it was Friday not as crowded, I tried some other Comic book vendors and found some Spiderman comics for a good price, I also talk with some other artist.

I went back to the Ecto-1 and got a photo of myself next to it and I went back to the Art Institute booth and did another drawing on the Wacom Cintiq.

After I was done I went over to Art Alley again to talk to more artist before it was time to go, I went over to Richard and Justin's both to get a photo of us and to say good bye.

My closing thoughts on Megacon:
This was a truly fun experience for me, I get to meet other artist fond some awesome thing and saw some well made stuff and fans in costumes, I'm defiantly going to go back to Megacon in the future.

I'll be posting up some photos later but for now here is a photo of me and my friends from DA.

From left to right; Me (Kim C. Jones), Richard Gaine, and Justin Sadur-Torres

And of course Me next to Ect-1 GOD I LOVE THAT CAR!!!!

And here's my friends sites;

Richard Gaine

Justin Sadur-Torres

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